Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Writing for free?

I find it a bit ironic that this 792 word article by Thomas Vinciguerra about the need to be paid for one's writing should be online, for free, at the website of the Columbia Journalism Review

"The long-chronicled decline of print has gored many a writer and editor. It’s hardly a secret that magazines and newspapers are now leaning mercilessly on their dwindling staffs, unable to pay outsiders as much as they once did or take them on at all. . . . But there is something fundamentally obscene about expecting anyone to work gratis. And that applies even to us ink-stained wretches."

Read it all here:  Want me to write for free? I’ve got two one-syllable words for you.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

English Majors' Twilight

But for various details, I feel like I could have written this gloomy piece.  (No, even I have little enthusiasm for John Dryden.)  Recommended as food for thought. 

"English Majors’ Twilight: The reality and mythology of an English major"
By Stephen Akey